Director's Notes (updated 11/9/06)
These white pages contain production notes and story information about the individual animations in Illuminated Manuscripts. They are similar to the director's commentary on many DVD's. The library of notes will grow over time.

Illuminated Main

Ritual Path Main


Length 5:30


Passages was the first completed animation and the spark of the whole project. This animation began from experimenting in Adobe After Effects with a drawing I had done of the Buddha. My goal was a simple test of generating computer light based on the drawing. I placed the test in a scene over a waterfall. After 48hrs of rendering on my old Mac 9500 I had 8 seconds of animation.......MORE
Nocturn is the 1st piece in an ongoing cycle that tries to capture the spirit of light at a particular time of day or season. In this case we are dealing with a summer night. Nocturn features images from Thailand and the island of Moorea in the South Pacific. Most of the images were daylight shots treated to look like night. ......MORE

Length 2:30


Early Light continues with the series begun with Nocturn. This time we are following the early part of the day from sunrise to noon as well as the end of Winter thru Spring. Early Light was a little more ambitious for me as I wanted something longer and more structured.....MORE
Early Light

Length 7:45