Music by Fritz Heede

Fritz Heede, Los Angeles based composer, has been pioneering
world/electronic music for more than 25 years. His has scored Emmy
winning network specials, feature films and documentaries.
Always with an ear to current music trends, his music vocabulary is
rooted in the classics as well as world and ancient music. His strong
interests in science, philosophy and metaphysics can be felt in the
sonic fabric of his compositions. Fritz is an eclectic musician who is
an adept player of instruments such as the flamenco guitar, Turkish Saz, Indian Sitar, piano, electronic keyboards, world percussion, hammered dulcimer and the electric guitar.

In "Illuminated Manuscripts" he has brought together a dazzling group of musicians including arabic violin, doudouk, world percussion and harmonic toning, creating a rich tapestry of sound.
Mystical and evocative ... embracing the ancient in a modern context.

Fritz currently has 2 CD offerings available. The 1st is the soundtrack to Illuminated Manuscripts" which includes new music not included on the DVD. We are also offering the "Mystery of the Sphinx" (ME3000) which is the soundtrack to the Emmy award winning NBC Special.

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