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The second part of Ritual Path is a series of 15 Environmental Loops. These pieces are designed to loop on your screen and be like a slowly moving painting. It's not a fireplace or a fishtank as much as a view of living in a different place for a while. The types of scenes are varied to give you different experiences. Some are taken from the earlier films, but remixed and extended. Some are of new locations and others are abstract. The Loops feature quiet sounds and the occasional musical solo.
The Loops play as a window into a new world and will repeat until you change it. There is a choice to play all the Loops together for a 75 minute master experience. Of course this master loop loops as well.

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Ritual Path DVD

Visuals by John S. Banks   Music by Fritz Heede

Ritual Path presents two unique experiences.
The first part of the disc "Explore the Path" contains 10 films centering on the exploration of sacred spaces and the experiences of being in the radiance of nature.

In these selections we are often taking a specific location and exploring the magic that can happen there. Other times it's the wider spirit of mountains, rivers or the woods that are the subject. The pieces are set to an original score that ranges from electronic to classical.
What we have tried to do is to create sparks for your own experiences of special places or times.
The visual technique starts with original footage of these locations and blends, coaxes, manipulates and augments the scenes with digital paint, computer generated elements and compositing of different pieces. Sometimes the images are just nudged a little from their origin and other times are bent into a surreal blend of places.

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