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Hidden Wars of Desert Storm


What can I do?

Now that war and destruction have once again rained over the Middle-East with its usual consequence of horrendous human suffering, it is more important than ever to spread information on what this on-going attack on Iraq is really about.

At Free-Will Productions, we encourage everyone to take action to spread information and awareness so that more people start asking questions and stop buying the pseudo-patriotic, war-monging propaganda put forth by the same interest-groups that again will pocket hundreds of  billions of U.S. tax-payers' dollars as a result of this war.

We are truly grateful for all of the help and support we have received from everyone who has written to us with offers of help. Whether you want to hold a "Hidden Wars" screening or proofread our web site, we appreciate every offer of help we get. Many of you have asked "What can I do?" so we decided to put together a simple list of things anyone can do that will help our ability to continue making hard-hitting, uncompromisingly independent investigative documentaries that shed light on the tough issues facing our world. Thanks for your support.

Here are things you can do, from "fast and free" to "involves time and money"...

  • Forward this web site address to friends and family.

  • Make copies of our information and order-sheets and pass them along.

  • Ask your local public or school library to order "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm".

  • Mention us to your local public radio station for interview opportunities.

  • Have "Hidden Wars..." shown on your local cable/public access TV station.

  • Organize your own screenings in your home, church, bookstore, campus...*

  • If you organize bussing to anti-war events, show "Hidden Wars..." on the bus.

  • Become a distributor: buy bulk from us and resell copies of "Hidden Wars..." **

    (*) please, send us information about your upcoming or past screening events for posting on our website (with digital photos if you have any) for others in your area to attend or be inspired to host their own screenings.

    (**) We will extend to anybody our wholesale rate of 20 copies for $299. + $10. s/h – 50 copies for $600. + $20. s/h – 100 copies for $1,000. + $35. s/h.

If you like the hard-hitting documentaries brought to you by Free-Will Productions, remember that we don't accept any form of corporate sponsorship. Since cable and foreign TV sales only bring us marginal income, we are funded largely by your continuous support and generosity as home-video buyers. Help us inform the world and contribute to making it a better, safer place.

Thank you very much.

Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy
Producers of Hidden Wars of Desert Storm


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