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Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
Reviews of  the documentary

The New York Times :
"Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" emerges as an uncommonly sober, well-researched film of its type."

The Christian Science Monitor :
"Consistently persuasive, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm is well worth seeing by anyone concerned about contemporary world event."

Time Out New York :
"This is strong, muckraking stuff, the kind that leaves you wondering who the good guys are."

TV Guide On-line movie database :
"Ungerman and Brohy's earnest, muckraking documentary is an eye-opening history of the cozy relationship the US has long shared with Saddam."

The Village Voice :
"Those with an interest in true crime should attend the documentary opening this week at Cinema Village."

The Boston Globe :
"Hidden Wars offers a convincing, powerful argument that Operation Desert Storm was a politically motivated attack on Iraq."

The Harvard Film Archive :
"This wrenching work is a compelling interrogation of the moral relativism of US foreign policy."

The Midnight Sun (Olympia, WA) :
"A documentary with the power of a gut-punch..."

Change-Links (Los Angeles) :
"I encourage everyone reading this article to go and see for yourself."

Le Monde (France) :
"Two independent journalists investigate the war against Iraq and how the US benefited from this war."

L'Express (France) :
"Hidden Wars is a documentary not to miss for any reason."

Le Figaro (France) :
"Never before did a documentary shake so much the official rhetoric about the Gulf War. This investigation is clear, accurate and didactic without being ever boring."

Le Nouvel Observateur (France) :
"A new, enlightening investigation shows that the Gulf War was primarily politically motivated."

Liberation (France) :
"This new American investigation reveals a wide cover-up."

La Liberte (Switzerland) :
"This powerful documentary will show on ARTE on January 17th, 2001."

Le Temps (Switzerland) :
"This film reveals all the extent of the manipulation."

La Suisse (Switzerland) :
"This controversial film is absolutely astounding."

L'Histoire (France) :
"Hidden Wars is one of the best investigative documentary films ever made."

Telerama (France) :
"Never before did a documentary look so closely at the origins and at the hidden interests behind the Gulf War."

Midi Libre (France) :
"Riveting like a thriller, enlightening like a rare document."

The Columbia Journal (Canada) :
"If you're a bit behind on your Gulf War scandals, this is the perfect place to catch up. "Hidden Wars" deals in depth with the unheard questions of the Gulf War. It is a dynamic expose about what really went on in Iraq."

Jornal de Santa Marinha (Portugal) :
"This documentary shows with many relevant interviews and documents the origins of the Gulf War and its dire consequences."

Terras da Beira (Portugal) :
"Both moving and informative, this documentary answers many questions about the Gulf War."

Information (Denmark) :
"No other film has better documented how complex and schemeful the Gulf War actually was."

Berlingske Tidende (Denmark) :
"Hidden Wars gives a timely look at the US World Order and shows how strategic and oil considerations led to the Gulf War."

Cineaste Magazine :
"Hidden Wars..." reveals unflinchingly the degree to which humanitarian considerations are never enough to change military policy."

France-Amerique" (New York edition):
"An enlightening testimony about the Gulf War, its causes and consequences (...) A one-night show not to miss at the Sutton Theater, NY.

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