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Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
Reviews of  the documentary

After many requests, Free-Will Productions has now made available an 8-and-a-half hour compilation of some of the most informative interviews and footage we had gathered during this investigation. These interviews are uncut and some are not even featured in the actual documentary for lack of space. We have also included DOD-commissioned training videos on depleted uranium that actually were never shown to the troops or to the public obviously. Based on content and complementarity with the documentary we have selected:

Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General (on the development of the Gulf War and the impact of sanctions on the Iraqi population)

Denis Halliday, former UN Iraq Program Director (on the impact and illegality of the embargo)

Phyllis Bennis, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Political Studies, DC (on how the US Gov. dictates their will to the UN Security Council)

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspectors team-leader in Iraq (on US Gov.'s manipulation of the weapon inspections for spying and initiation of bombing campaigns)

Michel Haj, senior journalist, television producer from Jordan (on insights about how Bush Sr spared Saddam Hussein's regime and let him quell rebellions that might have toppled him)

Dr. Labib Kamhawi, former President of the Jordanian Human-Rights Assoc. (on particulars about how the embargo is controled by the US Gov. and how it impacts Iraq's civil society)

Dr. Nassira Sadoum, Dir. of the Gulf War Remembrance Museum in Baghdad (on the widespread sufferings afflicting the Iraqis with interesting remarks on Washington's manipulative foreign policy)

Several Iraqi doctors from hospitals in both Baghdad and Basra (this part is devoted mostly to the impact on the Iraqi population of malnutrition and shortages in medical supplies)

A second part in the tape focuses on the use by the Pentagon of radioactive ammunitions made of depleted uranium. The full interview-selects feature:

Paul Sullivan, then Pres. of the National Gulf War Ressource Center (on depleted uranium, its health and environmental impact and on the US Gov.'s pattern of neglecting sick veterans)

Dan Fahey, Gulf War Vets advocate and editor of "The Military Toxic Project" report on US toxic weaponry (on history of DU weapon-development and cover-ups by the Pentagon) followed by the accounts of two sick Gulf War veterans plus Q&A during the 2000 Gulf War Veterans National Organizing conference in Las Vegas.

Doug Rokke, physicist hired by the Pentagon to conduct on-the-ground radiation-tests in Kuwait after the war and then commissioned to produce DU training videos for the US military (on depleted uranium, DU weapons, technicalities and toxicity) - Doug Rokke, an outspoken, respectable scientist is now in hiding after anonymous threats were made to him in 2001.

Two of Doug Rokke's training videos give a clear picture of DU and of what the Pentagon really knew about DU despite their silence and denial (These videos were never shown neither to the troops nor to the public for fear of triggering panic and outrage)

Visit of cancer-wards w. Iraqi doctors (on the contamination of populations exposed to low-level radiations after the war (Note : some images of malformed children are very disturbing).

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