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llluminated Manuscripts DVD
Visuals by John S. Banks   Music by Fritz Heede

Illuminated Manuscripts is a DVD featuring 17 beautiful works that explore visions of lost worlds and journeys of discovery.

In this kaleidoscopic tribute to the spirit of nature, scenes of ancient forests and temples are combined with computer generated imagery to create a meditative journey unlike any other. As rivers flow and leaves blow in the breeze, an ancient manuscript containing forgotten symbols unfolds before the eyes in a striking combination of nature and special effects.
~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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Artek Images is comprised of John S. Banks (Images & Animation) & Fritz Heede (Music and Composition). We produce unique DVD & CD projects focused on an organic and electronic journey into visionary nature. The result is often mediatative, sometimes powerful, but always visually and aurally beautiful. Please see our examples to get a good feel for the work.

Our natural inclinations are to create positive, beautiful and accessible work. Although we make extensive use of technology, our projects are very much organic. Original artwork of ancient temples, landscapes from Thailand, New Zealand and the South Pacific mix with music derived from Asia, Ireland and Northern Africa.

Our DVD projects include "ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS" as well as our release of "RITUAL PATH". The soudtrack to each of these projects is also available on CD from Amazon or via fritzheede.com

October 2008/Present 2010 - Working on a project for Walt Disney

September/October 2007 - Our new film, Nature's Journey has been released in Blu Ray and HD-DVD as well as standard def DVD.
Based on the cycle of the heroe's quest, Natures Journey follows the moods of nature and the seasons through their cycles of change.

May 2007 - John Banks has just completed the new film Nature's Journey. This HD production will be out on HD-DVD & Blu Ray in late summer 07. The film was scored by electronic pioneer Michael Stearns. Fritz Heede is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album with Jon Anderson of Yes.... a unique TranscEndant experience.

harmony channel

July 2006 We have just recently completed some new work for the Harmony Network. Harmony specializes in creating a relaxing mood in your home with peaceful images & music. Harmony is available at harmonychannel.com

Our DVDs are available at Amazon.com as well as many retail outlets in the US and abroad. We are represented by Koch Entertainment. Our films are produced in partnership with R&B Films.

Please explore our site and enjoy what we have to offer.

John S. Banks 5.10

About Artek Images:
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Interview with Echoes Radio
Nature's Journey Cover

Nature's Journey HD & DVD
Visuals by John S. Banks   Music by Michael Stearns

Blue Eye from John Banks on Vimeo.

This production is available in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and DVD

Nature's Journey follows the idea of the hero's quest with
the moods and changes of nature as the main character.

Escape to a mysterious inner universe where nature and imagination meet to form a realm of extraordinary beauty. Let Nature's Journey unleash a brand new sensory experience in a genre-bending mix of location filming, subtle computer-generated imagery, exotic musical soundscapes and artistic graphic enhancements that draws you deep into the magical heart of our planet Earth. Produced in High Definition by Video Artist John Banks and featuring a 96/24 Soundtrack by Michael Stearns, Nature's Journey is a sensation of natural sights and sounds transformed by the unique artistry of these visionary filmmakers.

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Ritual Path DVD

Visuals by John S. Banks   Music by Fritz Heede

Journey Into the Spirit of Nature.
Ritual Path is a deep blend of spirit and technology.
Actual images from sacred sites around the globe are blended,
enhanced and transformed with digital tools to create an immersive
visual style that has the integrity of the real world and the
boundless possibilities of the imagination.

Ritual Path offers a positive vision of our inner travels in the world.
The DVD features 10 dreamlike journeys and 15 looping environments for over 2 hours of sensory bliss.

Fritz Heede's electro-classical score was created in 5.1 surround.
The score mixes pure instrumental pieces with some vocal tracks.
Featuring guest vocals by Jon Anderson of Yes,  
kaRIN of Collide, Molly Pasutti and Nijole Sparkis.
Lyrics are in English, Lithuanian & Elvish
We also feature a bonus track "Blue Eye" with guest composer
Noa Winter Lazerus.

   10 Journeys of Exploration  15 Environmental Loops
   128 minutes   5.1 Dolby Surround  

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