After the success of our previous compilation of full interviews put together after the making of Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, Free-Will Productions is again making available the best interviews we gathered during the making of our latest Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failuredocumentary about the failed U.S. war on drug in Colombia.   Because half the interviews are in English and half are in Spanish, we decided to divide them between two VHS tapes of 6 hours each.   Please, click here for the content of the Spanish compilation.


Compilation in English:


Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General (on the history of U.S. interventionism in Latin America since the Monroe Doctrine until today’s use of the “drug-war”excuse in Colombia).

Noam Chomsky, world renown MIT linguist, historian and philosopher (on U.S. interventionism in Latin America and beyond, money-laundering, the “war-on-drugs” and real terrorism).

Theo Colborn, Senior medical researcher, World Wildlife Fund, DC (on the health and environment impact of the fumigations carried out by Dyncorp in Southern Colombia).

Paul Wellstone, progressive U.S. Senator killed in a plane-crash in 2002 (on human-rights abuses in Colombia and U.S. military assistance to a corrupt Colombian military linked to death-squads).

John Conyers, Senior and prominent Member of Congress (on corruption associated to the militarization of the “war-on-drugs” as defense contracts prevail over prevention/rehabilitation).

Pierre Chance, Canadian volunteer w. the Christian Peace Making Teams (on the collaboration on the ground between the Colombian military and paramilitary groups against villagers).

Padre Francisco du Roux, Dir. of a Colombian development agency, friend of the late Senator Paul Wellstone (on sustainable development as an alternative to military action in Colombia).

William Hartung, arms-trade specialist w. the World Policy Institute, NY (on the huge military contracts involved with Plan Colombia and how big money rules U.S. foreign policy making).

Sanho Tree, Senior fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies, DC (on how the U.S. “war-on-drugs”stimulates drug-trafficking and primarily targets the leftist rebels in Colombia).

Adam Isaacson, Senior fellow with the Center for International Policy, DC (on the danger of military escalation in Colombia and the inefficiency of a military response to drug-trafficking). Jim McGovern, Congressman (D.) from Boston (on the U.S. Government failing to discourage the Colombian military from associating with death-squads and paramilitary groups).

Jeff Wenders, Senior fellow with the School of the Americas Watch (on the training by the U.S. Army School of the Americas of human-rights abusers from most Latin American militaries).

Alfred McCoy, history professor, author of “ The Politics of Heroin” (on the history of drug-use and trafficking, past CIA association with drug-rings and failed coercion against drug markets).



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