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A 52 minute documentary
Narrated by Dustin Hoffman
© 2008

"A scarifying and ultimately very hopeful message." - Vancouver International Film Festival

"Belonging is a scientific and spiritual journey into humanity's footprint on the Earth..

Is climate change the only challenge to the people of the Arctic ? What can we learn from their plight that applies to the world ? What is the scope of the environmental issues we are facing ? Is it enough to be looking for alternative sources of energy ? How can we realy achieve long term sustainability ?

At a time when humanity is searching for responses to the global climate crisis while pondering its ecological track record, “Belonging” is a reflection on the convergence of environmental science and spiritual reverence for Mother Nature. Featuring William Rees PhD, originator of the ecological footprint analysis.


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The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

A 93 minute documentary
Narrated by Edward Asner
© 2004

"Powerfully persuasive..." - The Los Angeles Times

In the wake of Vice-President Dick Cheney's 2001 Energy Task Force, is it a coincidence if George Bush targeted Iraq in its so called "war-on-terror", a country known to possess the second largest oil reserves in the world? Is it another coincidence if U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Central Asia are based near Central Asian oil and natural gas? Was invading Iraq and Afghanistan really meant to reduce terrorist threats against the United States or was it a ploy to guarantee that the average American can go on for a little while consuming 4 times more energy that the average European or 32 times more energy than the average African?

After a year-and-a-half investigation and a three-month trip to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, "THE OIL FACTOR" looks at both the human cost and the greater geo-strategic picture of George Bush's "war-on-terror". With solid facts & figures, maps and graphics and original footage shot on location, the doc features such personalities as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Noam Chomsky, The Project for the New American Century Director Gary Schmitt, best-seller "Taliban" author Ahmed Rashid and the Pentagon's Karen Kwiatkowski.


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Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

A 60 min.-doc on the 1991 Gulf War and the embargo over Iraq
Narrated by John Hurt
© 2000

"An uncommonly sober, well-researched film." - The New York Times

- What is the history of U.S. involvement in Iraq?
- Was Saddam Hussein‚s 1990 invasion of Kuwait a surprise?
- Was war the only solution to the 1990 Gulf crisis?
- Was Iraq really threatening Saudi Arabia?
- Why didn‚t Washington support the Iraqi opposition then?
- Could the embargo on Iraq have served alternate purposes?
- What is true behind the mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome"?

A two-year investigation, "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" brings answers to all of these questions and offers an enlightening background on the past and present U.S. involvement in Iraq. Presenting documents never seen before on television, the doc features such prominent personalities as Desert Storm Commander General Norman Schwarzkopf, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former UN Iraq Program Director Denis Halliday, former UNSCOM team-leader Scott Ritter and many others. A large selection of archival footage, moving images shot in Iraq during the embargo, an original sound-track scored by acclaimed composer Fritz Heede and the narration by two-time British Academy Award-winner, actor John Hurt, all contribute to making "Hidden Wars" a documentary both fast-paced informative and accessible to a general audience.


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Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure

A 57-min.doc. about the 1st U.S. oil war of the 21st Century
Narrated by Ed Asner
© 2003

"As shocking as it is important, this documentary is a great way to get educated". - San Francisco Weekly

20 years of US "war-on-drugs" in Colombia paid for by U.S. tax-payers.
Still, more and more drugs and narco-dollars are entering the US every year.
Is it a failure or a smokescreen by Washington to secure Colombia's oil & natural resources instead?
Now that the U.S. State Department officially shifted its priority in Colombia from "counter-narcotics" to "counter-insurgency" conveniently dubbed "anti-terrorism", what is left today of the alleged anti-drug purpose of the U.S. "Plan Colombia"? While cocaine trafficking and money-laundering are skyrocketing to unseen proportions, is the current U.S. "oil" administration even concerned with fighting drugs in Colombia, another top oil supplier to the U.S., when its U.S.-friendly regime is being threatened by powerful leftist guerrilla groups?

* Shocking facts & original footage shot in Colombia.

* Exclusive interviews of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, Noam Chomsky, Colombian Pres. candidate Ingrid Betancourt and many key-players including guerrilla leaders...


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Peru: Between the Hammer & the Anvil

A 52-min. doc on the war between Shining Path and the Peruvian Military
© 1996

WINNER - 2nd Best Documentary in the 1996 A.F.I./Sony VISIONS OF THE U.S. festival.

Shot throughout the mountains and jungles of Peru in 1995, "Peru: between the Hammer & the Anvil" tells the story of a population caught in the middle of a barbaric conflict they wanted no part of. Combining a wealth of original and archival footage with interviews from Peruvians from all walks of life, the documentary draws a lively picture of how the ordinary bravery and determination of the many can eventually overcome the brute force and fanaticism of the few. The documentary is about a 15 year, brutal insurgency war that torn Peru between the Maoist Shining Path and the Peruvian armed forces but its observations and conclusions are universal. A must-see for anyone concerned with human-rights and peaceful resolutions to conflicts.