“Without a well-informed and educated citizenry, there can be no real democracy.”

Free-Will Productions is a documentary production company that was started in New York in 1995 by independent journalists Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy. Free-Will is devoted to making political films focusing in great part on human-rights and the environment.

With the help of multi-media editor Jason Stelzel and music composer Fritz Heede, Free-Will Productions has been able to operate without any outside grants or corporate funding. As a unique example of resilience and dedication, the team relies essentially on sales and private donations to fund their on-going productions.


Gerard Ungerman

A print-media journalist with a military background, Gerard has always sought to remain independent from large corporate production structures. His belief is that true democratic media should not be controlled or filtered by powerful interest groups, be them commercial or political.   Determination and skills learned on the fly have allowed him to give high production value to otherwise low-budget projects and to bring international visibility and recognition to controversial stories that commercial news and entertainment would not touch


Audrey Brohy

Audrey, a Swiss native, has developed early in her life both a raging aversion to injustice and hypocrisy and a keen artistic eye that first materialized in still-photography. After studying drama-art at Paris' renown "Conservatoire des Arts Dramatiques", she moved to New York where she graduated from "School of Visual Arts". Audrey started "Free-Will" in 1995 with Gerard and has shared all tasks from pre-production to distribution.

Jason Stelzel

Not just an editor, Jason is also a talented musician and an ingenious programmer capable of bringing a unique multi-layered insight to editing projects. His areas of expertise span editing, photography, music composition and performance as well as sound and light engineering and technical production of many high-profile, live and recorded multimedia performing events. From show-business to the corporate world, his work for such clients as Universal Studios, Apple Computer, IBM, Disney, Toyota, MTV and Ozzy Osbourne takes him around the globe as a consultant for cutting edge multi-media productions.

Fritz Heede

A mesmerizing musical composer and performer, Fritz has been scoring memorable soundtracks for both fiction and nonfiction for over twenty-three years. His style, both intimate and powerful, uniquely combines classical and modern influences from all over the world to create an ageless music that knows no cultural, political or geographical borders. Among his past achievements is his original soundtrack for the Emmy Award-winning NBC-special "Mystery of the Sphinx", produced by Robert Watts ("Indiana Jones", "Star Wars").